My Story

Hi there! I’m Kande, an Independent Scentsy Director. I am also a momma, military wife, and coffee, doxie and sushi lover! In 2012, I moved to a small Air Force Base in South Korea with my family for a 2 year tour. Seemingly overnight my identity had been stripped - going from Advertising Agency Executive with a Master’s degree to a newly-pregnant, stay-at-home-mom. Let me tell you - when you move 6,000 miles away from all of your friends and family and there is a 17 hour time difference it can make you feel really sad and alone. After a 6 month search I joined Scentsy on a whim in August of 2012. Turns out it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and still continues to provide blessings everyday – financially and through travel, friendship and connection. In just over 3 years with Scentsy I’ve earned 7 all-expense paid trips including a vacation with my husband to Greece, the Caribbean, Mexico and this summer I’m taking my family to DisneyWorld! I've been honored with being a top 100 incentive trip earner, presenting at Scentsy's World Tour and earning only 1 of 35 spots for the Annual Mentor Award two years in a row. I’ve also made some of the strongest friendships of my life, and have grown my business savvy greatly alongside these friends.    The gift of connection has been the greatest blessing of all. A heartwarming example of this is when, recently my 4-week-old daughter spent 3 weeks in the hospital, 15 days of that in the pediatric ICU. Other than my family much of the support and love came from connections made through this company. The owners of Scentsy sent us a heartfelt card and followed Scarlett’s story online and Scentsy sisters sent giftcards and sent up prayers from literally around the world. Because of Scentsy I was able to take 19 days off plus 30 more quarantined at home, I didn't have to report to a boss, I was still able to earn money while in the hospital and 100% focused on my baby, and through my business was able to donate over $2K in Scentsy Buddies, product and food to our Pediatric ICU med team and future PICU children and families. ABOUT TEAM FIREFLY: All of what makes Scentsy wonderful is exponentially increased by my team! In fact one of my favorite parts of being a Director for Scentsy is getting to mentor and grow such a wonderful group of ambitious consultants for both Scentsy and Velata. We are growing rapidly with consultants now throughout 26 states and 4 countries including a large base in New Zealand and Australia.  We have impressive resources including an active Facebook group with an incredibly helpful group of ladies, pages of categorized imagery and files, a YouTube training channel, a leadership development program and wonderful little extras like fun mail, incentives and getting cheered on for your accomplishments! Rather you’re joining as a hobby, to make friends or for part or full-time income you can expect to be welcomed with open arms by our sweet team!  If you are looking to start your own Scentsy business, I would love to have you on our team.  For more information about the Scentsy opportunity in our newest country, New Zealand, follow these links: * Becoming a NZ Consultant: *Free NZ info packet: *NZ opportunity video: Email for questions or an info packet: Or to watch my story on my YouTube channel go here:   FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: I don't live in your area. Can you still be my sponsor? Absolutely! I have many team members who do not live even in my country who I have helped SUCCESSFULLY launch and grow their business. What kind of training do you provide? I believe in being a strong partner in helping you grow your business, and that starts with training. I provide a training session at start-up, a FB group for sharing of tips and information, and active support throughout each consultant's business. I also have a YouTube Channel dedicated to training for you.  I'm worried I won't make money. What should I do? There is no doubt that you are taking a chance by starting a new business. But consider that a small business takes an average of $10,000 to start. If you hold ONE $500 party (which is frequently achieved), you will earn $100 in your first commission check. That covers the cost of the kit!  More questions? Vist the FAQ section or just message me here!  PS: Here's that little disclaimer the Federal Trade Commission requires we add (read in a really fast announcer voice). Results are not typical. For average Consultant earnings, see the About Compensation document located here: